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Final Photos of #12

Here are the final pictures of #12, enjoy!

The rest of #12

I finished up #12 and wanted to post the rest of the build pictures that I had before I post the final pictures.

#13 update

While I wait for some supplies to show up, I am working on the neck of #13. The fretboard is done, just need to work on the headstock and neck fitting, etc.

The fretboard inlay is pretty simple. Also, since the thickness of the fretboard is significantly thicker (because it’s nylon string), I can’t use my typical headstock design. I decided to make it pretty plain.


#12 all closed up!

I got #12 all closed up and ready for bindings. I still have to glue the purfling on the bindings, but that will be fast. Now I just have to find a time to rout the binding channels because it’s sooooo loud! Until then I will be moving forward with the neck and fingerboard.



I almost got #12 closed up. My weekend was just too full with other stuff to get to closing the box up.

I got the soundboard all braced. It needs a little scalloping work, but I am nearly there. After I get the bracing done I can cut pockets in the lining and start closing it up.

Next, I’ll start setting up the binding. This guitar will have Bloodwood binding with white/red/white purfling. Once I get the purfling on the binding, I can route the channels on the box for binding. Then I can start cutting my miter spots at the end and cutaway sections.

Anyway, all this will be illustrated in the next few weeks. Here is my progress so far:

#11 Construction 03: The Sad Tale of a Rosette

Here are some construction pics from the rosette on #11. It’s an unfortunate tale told in a sequence of pictures. As you can see I didn’t inlay the material deep enough so it didn’t take long before the rosette started sanding away. I had to compromise. The original rosette design will be getting a rebirth on another guitar sometime soon.

#12 Update

Got some work done on #12 this weekend. I’m shooting to have it closed up by the end of this weekend.


#13 update

I got #13 all closed up. I started making the neck as well (nothing special, no laminates).

Here are some pictures.

#13 Started

Man… I need to start finishing guitars before I start new ones. Way to many guitars in my garage right now. Oh well, the weather is getting better and I should be able to push forward with finishing soon.

While I was home on paternity leave, I started guitar #12. Here are the stats.

B&S: Black LimbaSoundboard: Lutz Spruce
Binding: Cuban Mahogany
Fretboard & Bridge: Indian Rosewood

This guitar I wanted to keep at home for my kids to bang on. Since it is being built for the younger crowd, I’ll be making this a nylon stringed guitar. Since it’s a nylon stringed guitar, I’ll be changing my brace layout to mimic the Torres style classical bracing.


#12 Rim done

I’ve got the rim all done for #12. I guess now I have to start working on the top and back now…. greeeat.

I wanted to make a tutorial on how I glue in my kerfed lining, but I didnt. Oops.


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