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B is for Bailie

Bailie Guitars, that is.

Headstock design

I got a preliminary headstock design done. It didn’t take very long to design, which I am surprised. I only did about a page of sketching. Immediately I started hacking into the headstock of the kit guitar, I like how it turned out. It doesn’t leave a lot of space for a fancy inlay or logo, but I think its pretty unique.

Who knows, I may change it again later.

Headstock design

on the guitar.

On guitar.


I’ve got mail!

I got a couple packages today. I’m expecting a few more this week so I’ll wait until then to spill the beans.

My first Jig

I don’t know if this constitutes and actual “jig”, but I made it and damnit I’m gonna use it.

This is a neck thickness jig that i made off of my Taylor 714ce. The guitar kit that I am currently working on now needed the neck sanded to thickness. I didn’t have any bearing on what to sand it to, so I made this Masonite jig with the help of the contour gauge.

Pretty nifty, now I just have to drill a hole so I can hang it on the wall….

Neck thickness jig

Black Limba is in!

THIS is the piece I’ve been waiting on. It came in awhile ago, but I never got around to taking a picture of it with me moving to the new house and all.

It’s a lovely set (back and sides) of Black Limba. I’m definitely going to wait to make it #3 or #4 because I dont want to ruin it.

Black Limba back

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