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Headstock shape

I got the headstock semi-done. I still have some work to do, but here are some pics.

Headstock Template

I copied the design over to a mdf board.

Headstock Design

Things are slowing down a bit. I need to make another order for parts, but I am currently running low on funding, so I have to wait a few weeks before I can order again. Until then, I’ll probably work on the few things that I can. Headstock, bridge…that’s really about it.

Here is version 2.0 of my headstock design.


Here are some updates so far. I didn’t get a lot of pictures of the process here. A lot of this recent stuff is pretty new to me, so I was pretty focused on reading directions and careful planning. I forgot to pull my phone out and take some snap shots.

Anyway, here is what I have.

New Toy!

I got a great deal on a drill press at Harbor Freight.

I need to make a list of power tools to buy… I also need a bigger paycheck.


Fretboard inlay

I created a simple design on the fretboard. I wanted something that was easy to create yet still look original. The inlay material is called Paduak, it looks a lot more orange than I anticipated. I still think it looks pretty cool.

Box closed up!

So I got done what I wanted to get done. I got all the kerfing on, cleaned everything up, and got the top and bottom glued on. I had some complications, but I got them all figured out and fixed. Next I flush cut all the sides and the tenon for the neck. Lastly, I glued on the end graft. It doesnt look super good, but hopefully with enough sanding, it will look ok.

Next is shaping the neck.


Blocks on

I glued on my neck and tail block. I broke one of my clamps in the process… it’s a good thing it was like $4.

Next up, side profiling, kerfing, fitting and more glueing. Hopefully I’ll get to gluing on the top and back by the end of the weekend.

Not many pictures. Trust me, this took a long time.

Mold updated

I updated the inside caul of my mold, eliminating the need to use clamps, so i can actually work while the guitar is in the mold. I added cork to the outer rim of the caul to create a soft padding to the clamping pressure. The cork also acts as a space filler since the caul wasnt an exact fit to the outside mold.

Bending the Binding

Here are some more pics. I got the second half of the guitar bend as well as the bindings. Before I bent the bindings, I glued on some b/w purfling.

Now I’m just waiting on my blocks and neck blank to show up.

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