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#1 Progress Update

I got my Bridge shaped and “flossed”. I tested the fit of the neck but I cant say that it is done just yet, I don’t have a centerline finder. I am still doing some pore filling, but I am not satisfied with the squeegee that I am using, so that is on hold.

Here are some pics.

Fret work and Box work

I did some work over the weekend. I went and bought myself some toys over at Harbor Freight, mainly a hammer with plastic heads on it for fretting. I also bought some supplies for a jig that I made (another post).

The frets installed without a hitch. I masked off the fretboard to save from any slips. Then i used my cheap chisel diamond-stone to level the frets. Used my crowning file to put the crown back on the frets. Used my micro-polishing pads to get them less rugged, then I used a polishing wheel (via my Dremel) to polish them to a nice shine.

I cleaned up my box after that. Lots of hole filling for the binding, lots of sanding, lots and lots of scraping. I softened the edge of the binding and did some final sanding. I think it looks good. The last shots are of the first coat of pore filler (Zpoxy).

I get to set the neck next…. oh joy :S

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