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#2 Under way

Here are some pics. I think I have all the necessary materials to finish this one. I might have to order a few things. I’ll make a post about what I’m going to do with this one, but for now I just want to put some pictures up of my progress so far.

Preliminary buffing results are in

So I am still super pleased on how well this aerosol can finish is turning out. It even buffs fairly well. I dont have much patience for sanding, so it is slightly orange-peeled. Here are some before and after shots.

The light at the end of the tunnel.

I must say that I am super pleased with how the finish is coming out on this guitar. My expectations were super low and I am glad it is turning out so good, even if it is pretty early.

I’ve gone through 3 cans so far and i still have a couple cans to use up still. The finish is still pretty thin, but it looks really good. I just have to do a lot of sanding, and then buffing. I hope to be mostly finished this weekend.

Im glad that this is almost done, but I am really nervous on how setup is going to be. I get a strange feeling that i might as well put some strings on a cinder block…

New stuff!

I’ve got lots of goodies in lately. I have all the tools I need to finish #1 (I hope)

-Slotted Ivory Bridge Pins
-Economy Covered Gear Tuners
-White Bone Nuts
-White Bone Saddles
-Bridge Pin Hole Chamfer Tool
-Peghead Bushing Reamers

And these

Pore filling is all done, just shaping the nut and saddle and getting the neck set. All that is left is spraying the finish, glueing the neck and bridge on and its all done!

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