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Slowly But Surely

I am having a problem bending these ebony bindings. But I might have figured a few things out… so I am going to try again tonight. here are some pictures of the end gaft and neck construction (thus far)

Box closed up

New Toy!

Lowes had a pretty good deal on this jointer, I figured I would pick one up. I was soooo sick of sanding a piece down to thickness, this makes short work of your piece.


So with #6 finally finished, I can start back up on #4… confused yet?

This guitar shouldn’t take too long to finish, I’m already cranking away on the box. The sides took way less time than I thought to bend. Tail block is glued on, heel block is assembled and waiting to get glued on. I need to force myself not to rush too many things because that could hurt me in the end.

I have some cool ideas for the neck, stay tuned.

I thought I had more imaged to show, oops. Oh well, I promise to have lots more up soon!


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