I made it back into the shop!

Sorry for the delay! Things have been very hectic around here preparing for a baby and looking for a car. The good news is that I was able to make it into the shop over the weekend and get a little bit of work done!

I was able to get my bending rig to work relatively well. I don’t have all the mechanics installed on the rig that I want, but I still need some parts. I was just looking at it and thinking: “You know, there is no reason I can’t just use this rig with some clamps.” I had the bending slats, heating blanket, and waist caul, i just had to do it!

I really should work on finishing #4, but I remember that I still need to order a truss-rod (as my last one broke with the neck). I’ll get back to work on that this week.

Here are pictures of #5 sides being bent. Currently they are cooling down in the mold. That went WAAAAAY faster (and easier) than bending on a hot pipe. What a time saver!