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Sick Day

After getting some rest on my sick day, I spent some time in the shop. I didn’t get a ton of stuff done, but I did slot two fingerboards, inlayed one of them, scarf-jointed and finished the stacked heel for a neck, glued on the headplates aaaaaannd…. I think that’s it. Here are some pics.

Weekend update

Hey folks! I got lots of work done this weekend, seems like this one is coming together nicely. I got the box all closed up, bindings are on, final sanded and ready for pore filling (if it needs it). I got the 3-piece neck glued up too!


Mo’ Work.

Here are some pics of some more work I’ve done on #5. Oh man, I can’t wait to see this Redheart under a finish!

Next is gluing the top and bottom plate to the sides. Shouldn’t take long. The last picture is a mockup of the top on the sides.

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