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Time to make #7 my full focus. Here are some pics of my progress so far. I have the backĀ  thicknessed and the center strip glued in. The top is joined but I am hoping to procure a thickness sander before I go any further with it. Cedar is a bear to thickness accurately with a hand sander and my plane’s like to ruin soft woods.

Anyhoo, the neck laminate turned out pretty good. Next up will be to get the neck further along, glue the back braces in, thickness the sides and get a bending jig finished for my side bender.

#4 and 5 final photos

Here is #4 and #5 all finished!

Weekend Update.

I got a fair amount done this weekend. I was in and out of the shop about 100 times trying not to snuff my fatherly duties.

Although #4 is technically strung up, I still have to level the frets (there is lots of buzzing), sand the nut and saddle to final shape, and then notch the bridge-holes for the strings. On #5 I am refinishing the top since the tap I use for masking damages it (for some odd reason). I still have to scrap a spot for the bridge, install a finished bridge, level the frets, do setup, strings, etc etc. I am definatly in the home-stretch, but I have a lot to do still.


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