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Weekend update

I didn’t get quite as much done as I wanted, but I got close. I wanted to get the box completely closed up, I almost made it!

Pics of my progress:

Pre-weekend update!

Hello friends! Here is a quick photo dump of the few things I got done this week. Basically just a lot of gluing!

Mo’ Updates

Here are some pictures from the weekend. Basically, I carved the soundboard braces, bent the sides, and started making the heal and tail blocks. I also got my side bending jig in working order, I had to finagle a lot of things, but it worked pretty well.



More work is done on #10. I was able to get into the garage for a fair amount of time last night and I got lots done!

What I did:

-Few more braces glued to soundboard
-Sides thicknessed
-Neck blank laminated
-chose different fretboard and bridge blank
-signed inside of soundboard


Lots of work done on #10, given the limited about of time I did it in. I got the rosette done and I started bracing the top.

New Toy!

Man, I’ve craved one of these since the beginning.

~Enter Drum Sander~

Something new!

So #7 and #8 are officially on hold. I recently received two requests for guitars, my hope is to finish them both by the end of the year. I guess I had better stop lollygagging. If I have any time, I will also be working on #7 (Paige’s guitar), but I was told that she won’t be needing it for a little while.

So I have started on #9 and #10.

#9 will be a commission for a buddy of mine that has moved across the country. He wants a guitar built for his daughter for when she is a little bit older. I am still in the planning phase on this one.

#10 will be a donation to a school auction. This is the elementary school that I attended over 20 years ago. Ugh, I am getting old…


Here are pictures. I you want to know the specs, go to the “Guitars In Work” page at the top, or just click here

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