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Tools update!

I got some rad new tools this month, I am pretty excited.

First is a Grizzly 17″ Bandsaw. Now I can start doing my own re-sawing (someday)
Next is a 14″ Drill press that I found on Craigslist. The guy literally lived 1.5 miles from my house. Helluva deal.
And lastly (and finally) a nice big tool chest for me to keep my plethora of tools.

Fun times!


June Update (#9)

I’m getting lot of finishing done on #9 but the problem is that it doesn’t look any different! I sprayed the final few coats of lacquer on it a few nights ago, now I just have to wait a few weeks for it to cure and I can final sand it.

Here are some pictures of the final neck shape.

June Update (#7)

Here is an update on #7. I’ve been working on it little by little. I’ve pore filled, routed the tenon, sanded all the wood down and started finishing. I am a little behind on the neck, but I’m not worried about it.
Here are some pics.

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