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#13 Started

Man… I need to start finishing guitars before I start new ones. Way to many guitars in my garage right now. Oh well, the weather is getting better and I should be able to push forward with finishing soon.

While I was home on paternity leave, I started guitar #12. Here are the stats.

B&S: Black LimbaSoundboard: Lutz Spruce
Binding: Cuban Mahogany
Fretboard & Bridge: Indian Rosewood

This guitar I wanted to keep at home for my kids to bang on. Since it is being built for the younger crowd, I’ll be making this a nylon stringed guitar. Since it’s a nylon stringed guitar, I’ll be changing my brace layout to mimic the Torres style classical bracing.


#12 Rim done

I’ve got the rim all done for #12. I guess now I have to start working on the top and back now…. greeeat.

I wanted to make a tutorial on how I glue in my kerfed lining, but I didnt. Oops.


#11 Construction 02

Our Saga continues as I prepare the rims, construct the cutaway, and work on the back.

#11 Construction 01

I told you all that I would post build pictures of #11. Here is the first batch of construction pics. I used the walnut from my parents farm, post about that here.

Starting #12

I am starting #12. I am moving pretty good so far. It’s only a matter of time until it comes to a screeching halt because the wife is due any day now.

Anyhoo, this guitar will be a Parlor with a cutaway. There are some things that are undecided (which I should probably get on) but I’ve got the important parts figured out.

Back & Sides: Indian Rosewood
Soundboard: Sinker Cedar (probably)Binding: Bloodwood

I am not sure what fretboard or bridge, what rosette or headplate, etc. I’ll figure those out after talking with my client.


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