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I almost got #12 closed up. My weekend was just too full with other stuff to get to closing the box up.

I got the soundboard all braced. It needs a little scalloping work, but I am nearly there. After I get the bracing done I can cut pockets in the lining and start closing it up.

Next, I’ll start setting up the binding. This guitar will have Bloodwood binding with white/red/white purfling. Once I get the purfling on the binding, I can route the channels on the box for binding. Then I can start cutting my miter spots at the end and cutaway sections.

Anyway, all this will be illustrated in the next few weeks. Here is my progress so far:

#11 Construction 03: The Sad Tale of a Rosette

Here are some construction pics from the rosette on #11. It’s an unfortunate tale told in a sequence of pictures. As you can see I didn’t inlay the material deep enough so it didn’t take long before the rosette started sanding away. I had to compromise. The original rosette design will be getting a rebirth on another guitar sometime soon.

#12 Update

Got some work done on #12 this weekend. I’m shooting to have it closed up by the end of this weekend.


#13 update

I got #13 all closed up. I started making the neck as well (nothing special, no laminates).

Here are some pictures.

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