Here are the guitars that are currently on my bench. Most likely in different stages of development.



Guitar #7

Type: Parlor

Back & sides: Khaya Mahogany
Soundboard: Western Red Cedar
Bindings: Bloodwood
Headplate: Khaya Mahogany
Headplate binding: Bloodwood
Purfling: red/white
Purfling accents: red/white
End graft: Bloodwood
Neck: 7 piece neck – Spanish cedar, bw, white fiber, paduak
Hardware: silver/nickle
Rosette: white/red/bloodwood w/ pearl
Bridge: Bloodwood
Bridge Pins: Bloodwood w/pearl dots
Fretboard: Bloodwood
Fretboard binding: Bloodwood
Inlay: Pearl





Guitar #8

Type: SJ florentine cutaway

Back & sides: Cuban mahogany
Soundboard: Lutz Spruce
Bindings: Black Walnut
Headplate: Cuban Mahogany
Headplate binding: Black Walnut
Purfling: black/white
Purfling accents: black/white
End graft: Black Walnut
Neck: 5-piece – Spanish Cedar, black, walnut
Hardware: Silver/nickle
Rosette: Black Walnut
Bridge: Indian Rosewood
Bridge pins: Indian Rosewood w/ pearl dots
Fretboard: Indian Rosewood
Fretboard binding: Black Walnut
Inlay: Pearl


The Black Walnut mentioned here will be harvested and cut from the Black Walnut tree’s that were behind my parents house. The Cuban Mahogany I got from the OLF. The Lutz Spruce I got from Chris (aka Snigs), as well as the Indian Rosewood fretboard and bridge blank.

I’m not going to do anything terribly difficult or impressive with this guitar. It will be my first Florentine cutaway, so it’s a learning experience. I am also curious on how the Cuban Mahogany is going to sound since I have a sister set of it.



Guitar #9

Type: SJ

Back & sides: Padauk (no sapwood)
Soundboard: Western Red Cedar
Bindings: Ebony
Headplate: Padauk
Headplate binding: Ebony
Purfling: black/red
Purfling accents: black/red
End graft: Ebony
Neck: 5-piece – Spanish Cedar, white, Padauk
Hardware: Gold
Rosette: Padauk & Ebony
Bridge: Ebony
Bridge pins: Ebony w/ Gold Pearl Dots
Fretboard: Ebony
Fretboard binding: Ebony
Inlay: Gold Pearl