#11 Construction 02

Our Saga continues as I prepare the rims, construct the cutaway, and work on the back.

#11 Construction 01

I told you all that I would post build pictures of #11. Here is the first batch of construction pics. I used the walnut from my parents farm, post about that here.

Starting #12

I am starting #12. I am moving pretty good so far. It’s only a matter of time until it comes to a screeching halt because the wife is due any day now.

Anyhoo, this guitar will be a Parlor with a cutaway. There are some things that are undecided (which I should probably get on) but I’ve got the important parts figured out.

Back & Sides: Indian Rosewood
Soundboard: Sinker Cedar (probably)Binding: Bloodwood

I am not sure what fretboard or bridge, what rosette or headplate, etc. I’ll figure those out after talking with my client.


#7 mostly done!

I finished up #7 finally. I will post up final pictures later.

I had a probably with the bridge joint, so I will have to fix that. There is also some cracking on the lacquer that I will need to address. Other than that, she sounds great!


I finished another one!

I am pleased to announce my latest creation that I’ve been keeping secret since August!

I made a small Parlor Cutaway as part of a forum contest of at the OLF. The finished guitar was a gift to my brother for Christmas. I think he likes it.


Back & Sides: Black Walnut – Cut from Eastern Washington, where I grew up.
Soundboard (top): Sinker Cedar from Lake Superior
Neck: African Mahogany w/ Ziricote laminate
Nickle Fretwire
White/Blue/White purfling
Fingerboard: Ziricote (bookmatched) w/ Black Walnut Binding
Bridge: Ziricote w/ Indian Rosewood pins
Binding: Ziricote
Headplate: Black Walnut w/ Pearl Inlay
Bracing: Sitka Spruce
Tuners: Grover w/ Brazilian Rosewood tuner buttons

Here are the finished pictures.

I will be slowly uploading build pictures as this month continues.

#9, wah wah wah!

I had some problems with the finish on the top of this one. There was some strange hazing you saw at certain angles. I tried to fix it but I couldn’t seem to get rid of it. So i decided to sand the finish off the top and just respray. Here are some depressing pictures to illustrate. The back looks good!

#8 updates

I worked a bit on this one. I routed the binding channels for it. I had to order more purfling before I bend and install the bindings though.



#7 update

#7 is curing at the moment. I need to finish shaping the neck, but it’s coming a long.


Here are some pictures.

#8 Update, Box closed up!

I got #8 closed up. I’ve been finding lots of time to work on it in between wrestling with the finish on these other guitars.

It’s coming together nicely, I think.

#8 Update

I’ve been neglecting this one for awhile as I’ve had higher priority builds. But now those builds are sitting around curing, so I have time to develop my first cutaway! I got a fair amount of work done on it. The majority of the work was developing the jigs for bending, gluing and shaping the cutaway parts of the guitar. Now that those are done, I can move forward!
I’ll stop yakking and let you see the pictures.

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