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#7 mostly done!

I finished up #7 finally. I will post up final pictures later.

I had a probably with the bridge joint, so I will have to fix that. There is also some cracking on the lacquer that I will need to address. Other than that, she sounds great!


#7 update

#7 is curing at the moment. I need to finish shaping the neck, but it’s coming a long.


Here are some pictures.

June Update (#7)

Here is an update on #7. I’ve been working on it little by little. I’ve pore filled, routed the tenon, sanded all the wood down and started finishing. I am a little behind on the neck, but I’m not worried about it.
Here are some pics.

#7 update

Here are some pics of #7. This one is proving to be a challenge. We’ll see how it turns out!

#7 update

3 updates in one month?!? This is madness!

Nothing terribly exciting here, just a bracing update for#7. I have both the top and back braced. Now I have to bend the sides and get this thing closed up.

Thought I had more pictures than that… oh well! Enjoy.

February update.

Photo Dump!

Weekend update!

I got a small list of things knocked off the docket. For #7, I got the neck in a good place to stay for when I get the body closed up. The fretboard is basically done, but I planed it down a little to thin, so I might have to get another one. The rosette has been designed (I’ll leave that as a teaser), and the soundboard has been sanded and thicknessed. I think I am going to wait until I get a drum sander before I start the rosette. My previous interactions with bloodwood have lead me to believe that it’s significantly difficult to plane. That, coupled with the soft cedar, could be very problematic.

For #8, I got the profile (SJ w/cutaway) cut out. I have the main part of the rosette routed out (black walnut). I think I am going to do a cool pearl inlay in it, but I will leave that as a surprise.


That’s about it!

Back done!

I got the back braced and tagged! I got the neck pretty far along too.


Next steps are to finished my bending jig, make a pattern for the parlor shape, thickness the sides and bend away!




Time to make #7 my full focus. Here are some pics of my progress so far. I have the backĀ  thicknessed and the center strip glued in. The top is joined but I am hoping to procure a thickness sander before I go any further with it. Cedar is a bear to thickness accurately with a hand sander and my plane’s like to ruin soft woods.

Anyhoo, the neck laminate turned out pretty good. Next up will be to get the neck further along, glue the back braces in, thickness the sides and get a bending jig finished for my side bender.

#5 and #7?

How does this make sense?

Let me try to explain.

I number my guitars at the time I start them, that way I can document them as I build them.

I guess that wasn’t so hard…

I guess the point is that #6 was finished quite awhile ago, but I technically STARTED it after I started #4 and #5.

Ok, enough blabbering, here are some pictures. My goal is to finished #5 before my wife has our first baby. God knows how much time I will get for this hobby when I have a newborn…

Thoughts about #5
I am trying something a little different with the rosette. Its big and beefy, but I like the unfinished loop it has. I think it looks a lot better with the supporting ebony ring. The soundboard is western red cedar, which is a bit weaker than spruce, so I plan to over-brace it a bit. My last cedar soundboard cracked on the side after I strung it up, so I am trying to avoid that now.

Thoughts about #7
I am trying to push my design outside my typical interests on this one; hence the white and red. I love to use black in my work. so when I was trying to decide on what purfling to use on the outside of my center strip, I instinctively went for the black and red… but then I realized that I use black a lot. So to push myself in a new direction, I decided to make this a lighter guitar by using now black…. just white or red.

The wood is Khaya, I got it from a semi-local guy for a great price. I think I bought 4-sets of this stuff, so get used to it! It’s not a spectacular wood for tone, but it has lots of figure, so at least it’s pretty to look at!

The soundboard will (most likely) be western red cedar, mostly because that’s all I have at the moment. The binding will be bloodwood with red and white purfling. I don’t have any ideas on the rosette, fingerboard, bridge or inlay just yet.

Until next time!

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