There are some Black Walnut trees back at home where I grew up. They’ve been dead for a couple years now. I thought it would be pretty cool to somehow implement some of that wood into future guitars. I don’t think I could get a big enough cut for back and sides of a guitar (maybe a Parlor),  but I could definitely get some bindings or rosettes out of it. Here are some pictures of the partial harvest.

First, I want to thank my Great-Grandfather. I never met the man, but I’ve heard great stories. Thanks for the trees, gramps. Secondly, I want to thank my brother, Joe. I don’t get as much practice for blue-collar stuff anymore, so he jumped right in with the chainsaw and used that thing like a doctor does a scalpel. Well done!

Since my bandsaw is pretty small, I have to find a place that resaw all this stuff into usable stock.