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New Shape (SJ)

I am looking forward to making guitars in this shape more. I think it’s a bit more updated, we shall see how it turns out. Now i just have to make a mold, ugh.

Binding Jig

I constructed a binding jig in the last couple weeks. I am somewhat pleased with it. It will work for now. The bearing mechanism doesnt work super-well. I think think its because i have manually bend sides and they are kind of jagged. Its hard to explain, but it works ok.

Headstock Template

I copied the design over to a mdf board.

Mold updated

I updated the inside caul of my mold, eliminating the need to use clamps, so i can actually work while the guitar is in the mold. I added cork to the outer rim of the caul to create a soft padding to the clamping pressure. The cork also acts as a space filler since the caul wasnt an exact fit to the outside mold.

Go Go Gadget GoBar!

So I knew that i was going to have to build one of these eventually. I was just putting it off because I wasnt sure on how I was going to do it. I didnt want to spend $200 on a premade setup that was going to take up more space, so i decided to implement it into my current setup.

I knew where i wanted it and i knew how to build it, i just didnt know what kind of mechanism i wanted it to be on. I didnt want the top shelf to be up there at all times, so i was thinking some sort of hinging system.

While building the top shelf, i got an idea of a slot system. As you can see in the pictures, you can just slide the shelf in and out of the slot, no problem.

It was easy after that. I picked up some fiberglass reflector rods for $2 a piece and cut them to length. These suckers put down a lot of pressure!

The last picture is of me gluing in the back bracing on the back of the guitar using a 20′ radius dish.

Done and Done!

My first Jig

I don’t know if this constitutes and actual “jig”, but I made it and damnit I’m gonna use it.

This is a neck thickness jig that i made off of my Taylor 714ce. The guitar kit that I am currently working on now needed the neck sanded to thickness. I didn’t have any bearing on what to sand it to, so I made this Masonite jig with the help of the contour gauge.

Pretty nifty, now I just have to drill a hole so I can hang it on the wall….

Neck thickness jig

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