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Tools update!

I got some rad new tools this month, I am pretty excited.

First is a Grizzly 17″ Bandsaw. Now I can start doing my own re-sawing (someday)
Next is a 14″ Drill press that I found on Craigslist. The guy literally lived 1.5 miles from my house. Helluva deal.
And lastly (and finally) a nice big tool chest for me to keep my plethora of tools.

Fun times!


New Toy!

Man, I’ve craved one of these since the beginning.

~Enter Drum Sander~

New Toy!

Lowes had a pretty good deal on this jointer, I figured I would pick one up. I was soooo sick of sanding a piece down to thickness, this makes short work of your piece.

A smattering of images

New Toy!

I got a great deal on a drill press at Harbor Freight.

I need to make a list of power tools to buy… I also need a bigger paycheck.


Another new toy!

God I love Christmas.

New toy!

I picked up a table belt sander the other day. This thing rocks!

New toys!

woohoo! I picked up a Delta 12″ bandsaw last weekend.

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