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Pushing on

So I took a bit of a sabbatical because this walnut has been frustrating me. With my kit guitar finally finished, I have no excuse to not move forward with this now.

As you can see in the pictures, I took some pretty big hunks out of the wood. It’s surprisingly hard wood, so it’s quite difficult to repair with sanding. But I sucked it up and got ‘er done. You can see in one of the pictures that I wiped the board with Naptha, that’s what I can expect the wood to look like when its all finished.

At first, I thought I might want to put a backstrip in that’s the same color of binding that I am going to use. But I decided against it.

Swap-a-Palooza (round 1)

I got some cool things last week! I figured I would post about them because I don’t have much else to post about.

I got an Engleman Spruce and Western Red Ceder soundboard. Also two Black Walnut backs and sides.

yay, wood.

yay, wood.

And thats not all! More to come probably later this week.


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