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Grab Bag Friday!

If you haven’t noticed, I have gotten a little more lazy with sorting my imagery. Sorry about that, but I’m not going to fix it on this post.

Here are some pictures of #3, 4 and 5.

#3 getting close

Here are some images (crappy ones) of some pore filling and neck shaping, inlays, and neck setup. It’s coming together!

A smattering of images

#3 Updates

I am really enjoying my new camera. It takes way better pictures (obviously). I just have to remember to cover it so it doesn’t caked in sawdust.

#3 updates

I’ve got the soundboard all done up. This guitar will be put on the backburner while I start on my niece’s guitar.

Here are some pics.

#3 Rosette makin’

I decided to make the rosette out of leftover wood from my back and sides. The waterfall bubinga veneer was way prettier, but its veneer and doesn’t allow for any mistakes because it’s so thin. That problem with using leftover wood is that you need to construct the rosette first and then cut it.

Scratch that…

I’ve changed my mind. I like this Rosette pattern more. What do you guys think?

#3 Rosette Design

I came up with this rosette design using Illustrator. I wanted something kinda cool for this one. I do have some pretty wild ideas for rosette’s to come, but I’m not in the “wild” park yet. The wood will be a sheet of waterfall bubinga that i have and it will be trimmed with black purfling.

#3 Back Bracing

I did some work on #3. Not much, but here are some pictures. The back is braced and the top is joined.

#3 Started

This will be my last Dreadnought guitar (for awhile). I bought some SJ (Small Jumbo) plans and will start that style with #4.

Here are some pictures of the progress.

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