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#4 and 5 final photos

Here is #4 and #5 all finished!

Weekend Update.

I got a fair amount done this weekend. I was in and out of the shop about 100 times trying not to snuff my fatherly duties.

Although #4 is technically strung up, I still have to level the frets (there is lots of buzzing), sand the nut and saddle to final shape, and then notch the bridge-holes for the strings. On #5 I am refinishing the top since the tap I use for masking damages it (for some odd reason). I still have to scrap a spot for the bridge, install a finished bridge, level the frets, do setup, strings, etc etc. I am definatly in the home-stretch, but I have a lot to do still.


Almost done!

I got some work done over Memorial Day weekend. Overall it was a great weekend. I got to spend time with some family AND get some work done in the garage.


The end is quite near. I just have to take it slow and take my time. Usually around this time, I start rushing to just get the job done. I cut corners and adopt the “good enough” attitude. Not this time!

Photo dump!

My wife took off to a women’s retreat for a day and took the little one with her. Daddy got LOTS of work done 🙂

Here is a photo dump from the weekend.

Slowly but surely.

I’ve been able to make into the shop in little 20-30 minute increments. I get a few things done here and there, so the progress is slow. But it’s coming along.

Pic’s aren’t that great this week, sorry!


Looks like I will be making a new neck.

The tuners look hot though!

Now we wait

I have to wait for the lacquer to cure before I can sand and buff it. But here are the last of the pictures pre-buffing.

Moving along

Here is another photo dump of where I am now. I got the frets installed, leveled and polished. The bridge is made and polished with the pin holes drilled and beveled. All the pore filling is done and I have level sanded everything ready for spraying. I have about 4 or 5 coats of lacquer on the body and headstock, it’s looking really good. I am going to use Tru Oil on the neck.


So I am pretty sure the neck I am using sucks. The laminate is pretty weak, I tried to adjust my truss rod and the rosewood center started to de-laminate… super! I glued the crap out of it and released the tension on the truss rod. Lets just hope I wont need to use the truss rod… I also sanded down to the carbon fiber rods by the 1st fret. I blame my brother Joe because he said that all my necks are too thick. It is good in the long run though, I will just have to use smaller rods for my necks.

Ooooo Purdy

I got the fretboard all finished and glued on. The last coat of pore filler is on the guitar now. Lastly, I started shaping the neck.

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